Addiction medicine



Our primary treatment focus is our specialization in Addiction Medicine, the main emphasis being in opioid substitution treatment, that is, prescribing legal substances instead of illegal opiates and opioids as central to our therapeutic approach.

We have experience with all substitutes (listed below) that are available on the German market and we use them in a targeted manner. We also try to take patient preferences into account when deciding on the respective substitution drug.

We currently use the following substitution drugs in our facility::

  • Methadone (racemate) tablets, oral
  • Levomethadone tablets, oral
  • Slow-Release Morphinecapsules, oral
  • Buprenorphine tablets, sublingual
  • Buprenorphine / Naloxonetablets, sublingual
  • Buprenorphine / Naloxone film, sublingual
  • Depot Buprenorphine injections, subcutaneous

The clinic was founded in 1997 by the doctor Gabriele Bellmann and was the first in Berlin to cooperate in an outpatient clinic setting with a counseling facility under one roof, and it became known as the A.I.D. Kreuzberg (Ambulanz für Integrierte Drogenhilfe).

I (Norbert E. Lyonn) joined the clinic as a partner M.D. in 2005, after many years of experience in addiction medicine both in Berlin and in the USA, and have been the sole medical director since 2018, supported by two employed medical doctors, and one resident doctor.

Our work is shaped by the understanding that those who seek out addiction medical treatment have a desire to improve their life situation, and we are convinced that change is possible.  

We would like to accompany you during this potentially long path and make our many years of experience and our expertise available to you.

In close cooperation with the Notdienst Berlin e.V. (addiction counseling agency), we are currently treating more than 300 people in Opioid Substitution Treatment. As medical addiction specialists, we are committed to offering high quality care of social and psychological concerns as well as the medical aspects of addiction management.

Furthermore, we are also happy to be your general practitioners and have a lot of experience with diseases that are particularly common in connection with long-term drug use, such as abscesses, thromboses, ulcers, hepatitis C and other infectious diseases, chronic lung diseases and psychiatric problems.

Of course, you can also contact us with questions about addictions or problematic use concerning other substances, including alcohol, or behavioral addictions, even if you have those questions about someone other than yourself. We can either help you directly or refer you to another professional in our network.